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4 Simple Ways To Clean A Microfiber Sofa At Home

Microfiber is a pretty standard material for sofa upholstery due to its comfy and durable nature. This sofa’s wonderful velvety texture makes it the perfect choice for a cosy living room setting. In addition, you can depend on it to provide a touch of elegance to your house.

The fabric of a microfiber sofa is water and stain-resistant. Since the threads are closely woven together, the liquid only briefly sits on top of the upholstery before soaking in. Due to its stain resistance, the microfiber sofa is ideal for homes with kids and dogs. But what to do if you have got stains on your microfiber sofa? Well, you can quickly remove them following a few steps.

So, to keep your microfiber sofa looking fantastic without damaging the upholstery, here are a few cleaning suggestions by Texasvac, known for pressure washing in Austin.

Gently Wipe Using Alcohol

Alcohol can be used for several purposes, and the cleaning of microfiber upholstery is one of them. Microfiber upholstery is one of the many household surfaces that can be cleaned of stains by rubbing alcohol. Simply dampen a cotton cloth with alcohol, then use gentle pressure to remove the stain. If you violently rub the towel, the microfiber will be destroyed.

The alcohol degrades and ingests the stain. The only thing left to do is ensure that the rubbing alcohol is cleaned after the procedure. The colour will deteriorate if alcohol stays in the microfiber for too long.

You Can Use A Vacuum Cleaner

Just as it can be used to clean dirt and debris from carpets and floors, a vacuum cleaner can successfully clean dirt and debris from upholstered microfiber sofas. Any dust or crumbs will be removed by vacuuming your sofa. Without putting any work into it, you may have a clean sofa.

You can easily vacuum your sofa when you take the vacuum cleaner out for cleaning. This approach is significantly superior to rubbing a cloth across the couch, which could harm the natural fibres of the upholstery.

Use Baking Soda to make It Spot-Free

Numerous cleaning problems can be resolved using baking soda. Even the simplest task requires minimal time and effort commitment for better outcomes.

  • Simply sprinkle baking soda over the stain and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes to remove. During this time, the stains will interact with the baking soda and disintegrate.
  • Gently wipe the baking soda away after the timer goes off.
  • Use a moist towel to remove the leftover stain if it is still visible.

Use chemical detergent powder

Another way to clean a microfiber couch is with a suitable chemical detergent powder. Use this technique only as a last option because chemicals might be harsh on your delicate fabric.

When using detergents, dilute them in at least four cups of warm water using just one spoon of detergent. Avoid using cold water since microfiber fabric is extremely sensitive. Cold water and harsh chemicals can also reduce the fabric’s quality. Use a soft sponge or cloth to cover the stain and leave it for some time to dry. When it is dried, wipe it with a clean cloth.

Conclusive Thoughts

Follow these instructions to prolong the life and preserve the quality of your microfiber sofa. 

If you find these stains difficult enough to handle, then it’s time to call professionals. We at Texasvac know that cleaning a microfiber sofa can be challenging. For these purposes, we have various tools and techniques to serve you with the best possible results. We offer multiple services, including upholstery, carpet, and tile cleaning in Austin.

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